How To Use Your iPhone As Your Camera While Travelling

Some travelers make it their utmost responsibility to travel, to spread the word, every image they take is for the sole purpose of using it for their blogs or selling. Then there’s the other kind of travelers, who travel for fun, to find something uplifting. If you are one of these travelers, then you can use your iPhone as a primary camera, here’s how.

Get a tripod:

Selfie sticks are amazing, right? They are the perfect way to take a selfie plus the beautiful background of the mountains behind you. Although, an even better option than selfie stick is to get a tripod. iPhone has a few good video features which can eliminate the need for a professional camera, only if our hands were that stable. Use the tripod to tape long videos, and for perfectly placed shots.

Extension lenses:

iPhone’s camera lens is pretty good, it does take really pixel-dense photos. But you cannot customize it, what if a person wants to take photos of distant scenery but the zoom destroys the pixels, or the image is not wide enough? The simple remedy for that is to buy a decent extension lens for you iPhone. They come in a variety of options and some of them are customizable. Use these lenses to optimize your iPhone’s camera with your own preference of photography.

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